After the Little Boats

on a creekwas a creek ran behind my house
when I was nine just the thought
excited me to see and play in it
with sticks and boards to race

like boats crossing oceans
if oceans had rocks and ran but
six inches deep or a foot when
rained swarmed over its banks

to run full speed feet tiptoeing
against two or three stones
placed with great care by
a Mother Nature who knew

it was thrilling it was dangerous
it was sky diving across water
it was a raging roller coaster
it was a mad skill not to fall

too often we walked home
our feet squeaking every step
especially after a storm passed
but that was the most fun

Yesterday I found that creek
on Google Maps. The house is a park
and a bridge makes crossing easy
like all things it has changed

The Satellite view did not show
any boys playing along the creek
but closing my eyes I can see them
running along after the little boats

After the Little Boats