About Me

IMG_2683Robert “Robb” Michael has been writing his entire life, much of it as a radio announcer and newsperson at small stations in the Midwest.


Rather than spend his days watching soap operas, the Price is Right, and Se3same Street when he retired, he began writing memoirs, short stories, and poetry.

He earned a B.A. in English and studied Communication arts at the University of Maryland.

When he was in first grade he sold more Christmas cards than anyone else in the school.

He wonders why he’s writing this in the third person… probably because he wants to appear to be humble.

He once walked across Abbey Road before it was famous.

One of his uncles fought Rocky Graziano, twice.

While working at Chicago’s O’hare airport Robb shook hands with Harry Belafonte, Angela Lansbury, Tom Bosley, and one of the Illinois governors who eventually went to jail. He also flirted with women. One of them turned out to be Lee Trevino’s wife. Robb did not shake hands with Lee Trevino, but he made sure he had a good seat on the plane.

Even with all that Robb’s granddaughter thinks he is the second most famous man in the world.