Sailing on a Small Story

boat in moonlightThe countryside is openly flat
she is aware of something else
she has only herself to blame
for whatever else will happen
strangely enough Peter Pan doesn’t want any more
because he’s telling the story

he thinks he sees an unexpected kiss
while on an old stone bridge
as someone hands him a rose
although the place is hardly cultivated
he caustiously realizes
it’s only a story

She walks into the feeling bravely
on that old stone bridge
hearing a far away dog whimper
of course she feels silly
because she is forced to believe
it’s only a story

The world seems tangibly better
because he can see her floating
while he wishes for a secret encounter
maybe in a castle near a moat
under an ovewhelmingly uninhabited sky
because it’s supposed to be a story

She cherishes the memories of the secret encouner
maybe in an unfamial office near a river
where he will be seen floating
in the moonlight, only brighter
fulfilled by a casual listener
who knows this is a story

And always there will be the happily ever after
perhaps it will be near the ocean
that she will kiss him under watchful eyes
and he will say lets go somewhere secret
where no one can see or hear or touch us
because this is only a story

Sailing on a Small Story

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