The Sheets Were Cold

empty bedThis morning when I looked out
the sun was shining, but it wasn’t
’cause when I rolled over to touch
I realized for the first time
in a longer than long time
the bed was more than I needed
and the sheets were cold

You’ve been leavin’ for longer
than I wanted to tell you when
I whispered about love and lovin’
for longer than you thought
before you were able to hear
the words you were really hearing
which sounded more like run to you

Screaming at the walls now
trying to fill the empty space
but words and thought and hope
and breathing and torment and
love and a bit of remembering
or any of what used to be

So now you know
that I always
but there was no stopping
when mattering wasn’t
because my dreams
were nightmares for you
until you unfortunately
woke up

The Sheets Were Cold

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