Deep Blue

Blue RoseHaving fallen into blue before	 	 
In dreams on good days	 	 
On bad days we have as	 	 
Gently as possible slid on	 	 

Either way the blue was blameless	 	 
Our feelings comfortable, happy	 	 
To be within enthralled in	 	 
The easy placidness of it

	And somehow, somewhere you
	want to scream, screech even
	chalk across slate 
	soul across existence	 	 

Two Indigo Buntings flew	 	 
Over nearby hills, along ridges	 	 
Under a copper red sky	 	 
Settling to form two blue pools		 
Flying with them you grasp	 	 
The unknown where exactly	 	 
Flying through intense clouds	 	 
Where even rainstorms are good

	you are troubling, boiling
	stumbling, almost falling even
	sliding across water
	breathing across living
But it was in the landing	 	 
We mostly treasured	 	 
Asking was it worthy for you	 	 
Or was it merely the	 	

	Seeping into desultory day
Deep Blue

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