The Window Shade

Last year late on Superbowl Sundaywindow shade
the sunshine found its way to the TV
leaving a touchdown waiting for replay
after being washed from the screen
just as the football was launched.

When I pulled the window shade down
the string slipped from my grasp
and I remembered my mother dying
when her eyes would droop closed
but snap back open showing the blue

When the nurse walked in, smiling
some tubes and a syringe in her hand,
my mother would close her eyes tightly
against the oncoming, imagined pain
that really amounted to nothing

especially when added and compared
to the sometimes-causing-her-to-
scream-and-writhe-in-agony pain
that added up every day to day
leaving her with barely a breath

With afternoon sunshine filling the room
Again I pulled the string, closing the shade
then walked slowly through the doorway
facing the long walk down the hall
beginning the path to her funeral

The Window Shade

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