Since the Middle of Yesterday

raindrops racing down the window glass
I am betting on the smaller one
although it does not look likely
as many are frighteningly large

Puddles in the yard are formingraindrops on a window
as the white birch bends in supplication
to the demanding wind howling in
sodden anger at the world in general

It is a dark and scurrious day indeed
keeping me from my desired rounds
of walking the dog and grocery shopping
for which I can only hope a small break

It has been like this since the middle
of yesterday’s formerly sunny afternoon
when the dog was chasing a squirrel
running across the fencetop, an omen

Squirrels do not stay to face the dog
unless the weather portends otherwise
and you could see it in the distance
the beginning of the darkness

like a child telling his first lie
you can see what is yet far away
already racing into your surroundings
unless you squelch the impending danger

quickly take all that is clean and bright
and clutch it tightly to your heart
even though you still feel the dampness
and teach it to stay warm and safe

So that while the blackness rages
you can still stand at the window
betting raindrops in laughter
knowing the small one will win

Since the Middle of Yesterday

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