By the Way, the Bears Won

Nose first he hit the stairsfans at Chicago's Soldier Field
hard cold cement meeting
becoming cold bloodied cement
for he slid face first across four more
after falling.

He began raising himself
Pushing and pulling until
he was able to reach for the railing
till standing, but lost his grip
tumbling backward.

His head came within inches of me
I saw the grimace spread across his face
head bounced against one and another stair
I looked into his bloodied face wondering
if he felt pain.

Eyes looking nowhere in particular
with a sickly smile frozen on his face
he said to me or no one in particular
“Damn I slipped and spilled my damn beer.
Where’s my beer?”

Blood oozing from seven or eight
cuts and scrapes on his face. A mess.
more blood than could be wiped away
Crawling away, “better not do that again,”
he slowly mumbled.

By the Way, the Bears Won

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