He Will Not Say Who

he will not say who’s wantingman in a fog, walking away
you don’t need to, she
said she had to let him go, even though
though she never would learn what
nor would she ever know
and it would tear at her inner
ripping like a dull blade
no smooth cold slice
in the vicinity
that’s the way it was
nearly, merely a guess
how she let him go

There was not enough time to know
there was no sacrifice to be made
she piled the sticks on top of each
but they did not add up
and they would not burn
she recognized him for what
he would continue walking never
there would be no admittance
no means to scrabble over
then the truth would not matter
promising would not help
for she knew there was a lie
because his not knowing was knowing
while she would weep
for the wanting

He Will Not Say Who

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