And We Did

Sure, he said.Golf course pond and swan
Sure, sure, sure
he said sure a lot
long, slow, drawn like
a man who knew nothing about guns
forced into a gunfight
slow and low
It was the word he used when thinking
not thinking about what he was saying
but about whether he wanted to chance
saying what he was thinking
like sap flowing on a cold day
carefully certain.
Sure I know the way.
But he didn’t
and we were lost
lost before we even started
but more in the deep woods
not seeing the path he said
he knew.
Sure, I know where it is.
Sure, I know where I am.
But we
we, fools that we were
believed his sure
in the same way a pack of dogs
follows the loudest dog
into danger
into nothing
sure you knew somehow
by some odd miracle
we stumbled from the woods
onto the tenth fairway
not exactly by the Clubhouse
half a golf course away
but close enough for him
to give himself credit.
See, I told you guys.
Sure, I knew.
I always did.
But the laugh we needed
came as surely
as his need to brag.
While walking backwards
toward the bridge
while leading us to the bridge
he tripped over his own feet
and back flopped into the pond
scaring the swan half to death.
There was a moment’s silence until
spitting and spluttering he groaned,
Sure, go ahead and laugh.

And We Did

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