Dance to the Mountains

Dance on the mountainsmountains
Sing to the stones
Reach for the heavens
This is your home

Cry like an eagle
screech like a hawk
whispering nightingale
sing with a lark

your soul will excite you
your heart keeps the beat
and then forever new
with spirit you’ll speak

this is your morning
the heart of your day
forever in dawning
a fragrant bouquet

kick up dust devils
cavort in their midst
forever circles
where children kissed

never stopping breathing
your heart does the rest
the soul you’ll unsheathe
completing the quest

your feet to the sky
your voice to the trees
no need to ask why
you’ll do as you please

then the sun setting
one bird gently peeps
your last pirouettes
your world gently sleeps

Dance to the Mountains

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