Tossing Wrinkled Kisses

two shirts hang on the lineClothes drying on the line
drying in the breeze
one his one hers
gently reaching toward each other

he lifts his arm touching hers gently
she laughs a rippling giggle
accepting the gesture
while he basks in the sunshine

it was not long before
the two were thrashing against
each other bumping fighting
in the washer of life

water detergent bleach
had been added
caustic painful burning
like thoughts and words

eventually all the evil
was removed cleaned away
but the pain and agony getting there
was destructive almost unbearable

until finally they emerged
in warmth and agreement
and found themselves together
loving in the breeze
on the line
tossing wrinkled kisses
through the sunshine

Tossing Wrinkled Kisses

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