What You Think

(what was the title of the song I was listening to when I started writing this?)

What you think by lookin’ the way you dogas guage empty
what you think I think when you think you do
why you call someone you don’t want to do
only for the love of the love of you

you touch me and pretend you dont
you only a ghost what was but wont
then a’course ain’t nothin’ but stone
where softness a call of just a phone

whispering nothin’ but whisperin’ not
holdin’ a heart holdin’ a spot
into the bed with what you’ve got
is only a mile of parking lot

the meter’s ridin’ on empty there
to the center of my soul you do stare
but you’s only cold in your mountain lair
and no warm fires showin’ you care

don’t try to bring me into your life
cause I ain’t gonna be your god damn wife
I ain’t gonna hold onto no knife
to carve my soul into your life

shut up shut up, ain’t hearin’ your cries
shut up shut up, don’t act surprised
without the passion.. is just damn lies
shut up shut up, close your damn eyes

What You Think

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