It Ain’t No Flashlight

Oh man I’m cookin’car at night
shakin and a bakin’
turning up the flame
nothing like an old flame
to warm up the wieners
and toast the buns
get the ketchup flowin’
and make the pickles relish

A sly look turning his face
to a little kid’s with a secret
reading Lady Chatterly’s Lover
and Lolita by flashlight light
under the covers not knowing
that mom peeked in at night
and under his bed at day

So I scoots her cross the floor
An’ she ain’t stopping me none
knowin’ full well what I am doing
preparin’ us both for a little
Ood time grinnin’ and a sinin’
but the nuns in the corner
watchin’ me the whole time
‘cause I’m crazier than a field of mint
too nice to be ignored
yet too crazy to be stopped

That girl’s gonna get a good talking to
first class Monday mornin’
She don’t care, cause she ain’t
Interested in no talking’ right now
She’s doin’ a little probin’ with her finger
as we Fox Trot off the floor and out the door
right towards the front seat o’ my car
where we take the back seat
to a safe place and
finish up our dance

I’m shakin’ and a bakin’
Getting’ her buns toasty
When all a sudden a flashlight
An’ it’s my buddy Ray
But it ain’t no flashlight
And I don’t know it’s Ray
Least not till after the film’s developed
I must say, though it wasn’t my best side
Even though I am kinda photogenic

It Ain’t No Flashlight

Rays of Latent Sunshine

Rays of latent sunshineempty closet
dancing from clouds to windows
and continuing their careful ways
Then I think of you

Sulking moonlight wrestles late afternoon light
showing its gaunt edges of cool orb
while mountain larks entertain
Then I think of you

Still feeling the fervor of your love
burning the outside and in of my lips
Clutching at every breath
Then I think of you

It’s not there, the meaning I crave
though I shiver without the brightness
realizing the fault is mine
Then I think of you

It lies within the empty closet
where the growing moonlight lingers
searching for the source of the quiet
Then I think

Rays of Latent Sunshine

Dance to the Mountains

Dance on the mountainsmountains
Sing to the stones
Reach for the heavens
This is your home

Cry like an eagle
screech like a hawk
whispering nightingale
sing with a lark

your soul will excite you
your heart keeps the beat
and then forever new
with spirit you’ll speak

this is your morning
the heart of your day
forever in dawning
a fragrant bouquet

kick up dust devils
cavort in their midst
forever circles
where children kissed

never stopping breathing
your heart does the rest
the soul you’ll unsheathe
completing the quest

your feet to the sky
your voice to the trees
no need to ask why
you’ll do as you please

then the sun setting
one bird gently peeps
your last pirouettes
your world gently sleeps

Dance to the Mountains

Want to Go Dancing?

The clouds were dancingclouds dancing
And I couldn’t help but…

You know what I’m saying
About not knowing the song

How could we join in like
Playing the game but…

You know what I’m saying
About not knowing the rules

What we might not know
Might not hurt us but…

You know what I’m saying
It could leave me senseless

And I’ve been senseless
Too many times but…

You know what I’m saying
even before I know.

Want to Go Dancing?

Tossing Wrinkled Kisses

two shirts hang on the lineClothes drying on the line
drying in the breeze
one his one hers
gently reaching toward each other

he lifts his arm touching hers gently
she laughs a rippling giggle
accepting the gesture
while he basks in the sunshine

it was not long before
the two were thrashing against
each other bumping fighting
in the washer of life

water detergent bleach
had been added
caustic painful burning
like thoughts and words

eventually all the evil
was removed cleaned away
but the pain and agony getting there
was destructive almost unbearable

until finally they emerged
in warmth and agreement
and found themselves together
loving in the breeze
on the line
tossing wrinkled kisses
through the sunshine

Tossing Wrinkled Kisses