Why Am I the First to Know

The cold that hits when you step out of a hot shower Cappuchino
the pain when you hit a snowbank face first
the head pain when eating too much cold too fast

he said he doesn’t love you and he never did.
All those days and nights and moments
invested in a soul mate without a soul
Why are you telling me this
Why am I the first to know

the first touch of a warm towel.
The first waves of a roaring fire.
The first sip of a cappuccino.

I’m saying I love you and always will
but I’ve always been here
like a monument down the street
so you don’t see me, not really
Why am I the first to know

Let’s fall in love **
Why shouldn’t we fall in love?
Our hearts are made of it
Let’s take a chance, why be afraid of it?

it’s barely a touch from a floating feather
the sensation of sunlight breaking through the clouds
the fragrance of hot chocolate from another room

that musical you wanted to see, what was it?
I have tickets lower level, not too close
maybe dinner at that Italian restaurant
would you like to, would you
Why am I  the first to know?

** “Let’s Fall in Love” is a song written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler

Why Am I the First to Know

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