Raving Mad Traffic

Today he is loud and raucousChicago Traffic
and wondering if he feels it
because there are too many crazies
or merely because
there are too many

The morning sees him leave
with a paper bag filled
with two sandwiches
two candy bars
two cans of soda

Cautiously he eases into
a world of anger and irritation
a freeway to hither and hell.
An assortment on their way
leaving him groaning and cursing.

He likes to do the wave
and sing or hum along
to the squeals or honks
or sometimes an unknown radio
usually beating and blaring.

It’s absurd when people waiting on a light
breathing down the bumper in front
at times will roll a window down
to snarl and voice their opinion
that this world is theirs alone.

Then it happens
someone jams breaks for no reason
someone clips his bumper for no reason
someone is stupid for no reason
and he is cursing and ranting
for no reason
even though he knows
it is the only way to survive

because he often sees himself
weaving through the traffic
singing to the roar of engines
and the horns and the squeals of tires
accompanying the screams and curses
given that he alone is without a car.
Sometimes he’s naked
other times he’s not
and he may be crazy,
but he is delirious
and quite content.

Raving Mad Traffic

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