Not Your Average

It was not your average ice cream stormhuge ice cream sundae
No, no, no, it raged, yes I tell you true
It raged for what? For nearly three cups
Of chopped nuts, a little more than 14
Cans of whipped cream and the cherries,
The cherries were gone long before the
Storm was over, even stretched by cutting
In half the last two dozen and a half.

Survivors? Yes, some, quite a few in fact
Considering the severity. Mostly the
Vanillas and some of the scruffier flavors.
It might never have ended had the store not
Closed. Leaving stranded 40, maybe 50 or      
More (who was counting) late arrivals
Hoping for something anything cold to
Stave off the hotter than hot fudge heat.

Some say it never happened, but they
Were not there. Theirs is only a melting
Memory, a dripping memory at best.
Those of us who lived to tell will attest
to the thick creaminess of the air and the
Too sweet taste left in our mouths. Yet we
survived and if we survived that, we can
survive anything diet or no diet. 

Not Your Average

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