Ode to the Love of Culinary Gratification

Sometimes I find a piece of prose that reads like poetry. A little tinkering and the prose becomes a poem. This one is from an article in the July/August 2014 Smithsonian Magazine pp 31 – 32: Without Reservations, by Ron Rosenbaum

Ode to the Love of Culinary GratificationJulia Child, the French Chef

Did you talk about food today?
Future Historians will talk
about you talking about food.
This could be known as The Era
of Crazed, Culinary Gratification
the fetishization of food
of cooking and eating
of watching other people cooking and eating
that is present here, there,  and everywhere
on TV screens
computer screens
laptop screens
tablet screens
smart phone screens
back door screens
tasting and testing and mixing
for the palates of our great Nation
Italian, French, Mexican, Spanish,
Irish, Ethiopian, Afghan, German,
and on and on through soon to be every culture
Raw and locovore
The French Chef, Julia Child,
the Galloping Gourmet
the Frugal Gourmet
Yan Can Cook
splattered the TV screens
but now…
Top Chef
Master Chef
Cake Boss
Hell’s Kitchen
the entire Food Network
Travel shows mainly about
watching foreign people eat foreign food
and YouTube, too.
The taco truck as the new gourmet temple,
Artisanal Whole Foodism,
fonio as the next quinoa
(don’t tell me you didn’t know about fonio?)
You do know about jellyfish, don’t you
just watch and eat


Ode to the Love of Culinary Gratification

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