They Know, They Sure Do

Damn! A dark, creepy, stinky cemeterycemetery at night
who wanted to be walking here anytime
but not in the dark, something slimy
might slither out of the nearest hole

You know what they say, anything can
come out a hole in the ground: snakes,
bees, squirrels, rats, or dead things.
And, for sure there were holes around here.

This were no short cut,
this were a long cut,
this were a dead cut,
this were a end of it all cut.

Who was it said, “They’s a short cut. Jus’
go down there a piece, to a couple big pines,
the path tween ’em, follow it. It go aways,
but when it end,  keep a-goin’ straght.”

Straight across this field of cold people
holdin’ hands with each other and dancin’
cause they knows a couple fools done
stumbled onto they dark time party.

Trouble is we wasn’t invited.
Trouble is we don’t want no invite
Trouble is we scared of the thought
Trouble is we can’t run straight.

Gravestones everywhere, fall and you join
the dance, not even knowin’ the steps you
be boogin’ with the boogyman to a tune
you don’t even hear, but you feel

And you is screamin’ like a fool so that
when you come out, safe on a street you know
and they’s two neighbors on a porch swing
starin’ and laughin’ ’cause they know.

They Know, They Sure Do

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