Tasting the Milky Way

This early morning heldstrings of fireflies
the very last gasp of
an exceptionally clear night
where I thought I might
see a star or two, instead
the course of the Milky Way
arose, a beautiful massive
array of blending lights
a trail of lightning bugs
laid out before me
stretching across
this bit of universe
a string or melted mozzarella,
a backyard cheese pizza
so well formed I could taste
the parmigiana and marinara

Heading back inside
the entire Milky Way
followed me to the door
but once inside I saw
I was left to dine alone
on coffee and cold cereal
rather than magnificence.

astonishingly it happened,
for a moment I thought
the dazzling Milky Way
had followed me inside.
Enjoying its splendor
though it was merely
the film on my glasses
it was still gorgeous.

Tasting the Milky Way

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