Releasing the Wonder and Magic

With the fork in his right hand
he peered into the hole
nothing to see
maybe a glow would be there
he thought.

On the floor his left hand
held him in place
kept from falling on his face
not thinking about the fork
in the other hand

Something he knew he shouldn’t
but something he needed to know
for what good was curiosity
without chance
and so his creativity was explored

slowly the fork moved
toward the hole
hiding the magic
a secret behind
to be found

A sudden swift movesparks
and fork found hole
nothing happened
nothing cried in pain
until he pushed further

Sparks flew from the hole
something flung his arm
nocking him across the room
tingling, twitching, vibrating
every nerve and muscle

And today
many, many, many years later
he is still tingling
still happy he released
the wonder and the magic
even though it almost killed him

Releasing the Wonder and Magic

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