Over a Cup of Coffee

The best coffee is made at home.from coffee shop window
You pay for more at a coffee shop.
I was looking at a job in Colorado
the paycheck includes some cash and
the mountains make up the difference.

Four bucks for a 50 cent cup.
That’s three fifty for atmosphere.
Hiking, climbing and skiing
the mountains in crisp air
worth the emaciated paycheck?

Is it the diminutive round tables
or the people who identify
Aspen, Vail, Steamboat Springs
as places to be simply to be
hiking, skiing or river riding.

Overwhelmed by coffee aromas
sweetness, comfort and coziness
the smoke and smell of fireplaces
with cowboys and girls gathered
treating you to native customs.

This is what I’m trying to say:
No Children to love or car to buy
or anything needing repairs…
not now, not while looking
at mountains over a cup of coffee.

Over a Cup of Coffee

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