But I’m Here Folks

I wrote this after listening to a corny old radio DJ on a Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin. A radio announcer is supposed to refer to the audience as “you.” For this guy, however, they were “folks” and it seemed there were “folks” being talked to in every sentence.


the stumbles and falls brought me1940s console radio
but I’m not sure where here is
I don’t even know if I know
where was was or is or should be

but I’m here and folks, I wanna
tell you I’m mighty glad to be here
’cause it’s a lot better to be here
than to not, at least I think so.

I’m here to tell you folks
and you’re a mighty fine bunch
that whoever you are or whatever
I’m mighty happy to have you

then again, maybe its me that’s
being had or haved or halved
and that’s a mighty sobering thought
or it would be if I was drunk, tipsy

You see folks, I don’t really know if
I’m entertaining. It could just be that
you’re a really nice crowd who wouldn’t
hurt a kitten a flea or even me.

So, folks, and I don’t know if I’ve ever
met a finer bunch than the likes of you
I think I’ll just mosey on off the stage
and try to forget I was ever here

If you know what I mean folks


But I’m Here Folks

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