Another Last Time

I’ll let you know, she said.rain on windshield
Oh, God, not again!
I’ve heard it before.
I’ve heard it before, I said.

She ignored me and turned
and left and walked up the stairs
and walked through the door
and never looked back.

There was no color to the sky
of course, not just because it was night,
but because it was cloudy and muggy
and about to rain, to rain long

One last time I looked back,
and another last time as I turned
to cross the street into a life
without her I knew again.

Large wet raindrops splattered
the windshield as I drove away.
like my teardrops, you say?
Yes, there was rain, but no tears.

It was relief I felt, yes.
I didn’t really like her, yes.
I didn’t want to maintain, yes.
this relationship, yes.

I ignored the feeling
turning the corner thinking,
I’ll let you know, she said.
Thank God!

Another Last Time

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