Against the Ropes

It was another glancing blowBoxing Ring Corner
that didn’t catch you flush
for if it had there would have
been no walking, none for you

In days past when blue castles
where common, sought after in fact
there were peacocks that strolled
in idle contemplation of reliability

you could be crushed by an evil wing
you could be stalked by antelope
you could, of course be level reckless
but where would that get you, where?

They said the preacher removed his filthy sock
right in front of you and you giggled, yes, true
you were not welcomed for doing such a thing
and you stumbled like a leaden feather

You swung again, no glancing blow this time
nothing like the preacher or strolling peacock
yes, you were reckless, yet knowing she said,
“You don’t sweat much for being so lustful.”

Against the Ropes

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