Bring Me Nothing

Bring Me Nothingstorm and lightning
I’m mad. I’m mad, mad, mad
I’m mad at the whole world
I’m mad at everything
I’m mad at everybody

I’m mad at the flowers and the trees
I’m mad at the birds and butterflies
I’m mad at dogs and cats and monkeys
And I’m mad at the very air
I’m mad at sticks and stones
And things that break my bones
And names that always hurt me
I’m mad at being mad

Not only that I’m angry
I’m very senseless angry
I’m angry just because I can be
Just because you’re looking at me
And if you weren’t looking
I’d still be silly mad
Stark seething crazy as a
Willow in a hurricane mad

And I’m upset
Even though that’s much too mild
To describe what I feel
So upset my head is creaking

I could screech at the heavens
And take down the sky
And stomp an earthquake
Just because, just because
So go away, don’t talk to me
Don’t even look at me,
But don’t leave, don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me like this

Infuriatingly mad at you
Disgustingly mad at me
Mad at everyone and everything
Mad at just being alive

Mad at streets and houses
And carrots and potatoes and steak
And fried eggs and soup
So mad that nothing will do, nothing
So, bring me nothing because…

Ice cream…

No, I’m not mad at ice cream



so, yes, I’ll have another scoop!

Bring Me Nothing

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