Within a New Song

holding hard the earrings or the roar of an oceanwave crashing
she skipped into view raising the shell above
dancing to the special tune of her ear rings
keeping time to the screech of a dozen gulls

can it be that there is time for all this
rocking on a porch creaking with the tide
forward with the wave rolling out
back again with the next wave moving in

her dance has been more than an hour’s worth
and it is becoming sensual as she fondles the earth
drawing it toward her taking it in and in
gasping for a new sense as it moves away

a simple plate of corn, mashed potatoes
and a pork chop soaked in a savory gravy
the bread is good, still warm and freshly sliced
there will be desert, probably of apple

resting on the sand, watching stars fade in
she is completely spent, still writhing and
breathless with tongue wetting lip she waits
for with a new song she will dance again.

Within a New Song

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